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Klout Score: another ‘vanity metric’

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One of the many things that inspires people is status. I don't mean status as in "status update," or "What are you doing right now?" I mean status in terms of how we fit in and rank among other people. We do all sorts of things to either gain or display our position and standing within our society. The search for status isn't evil or bad or wrong. Sure, some of the actions taken can be pretty regrettable. But the search for status itself is simply a very human search for meaning in relation to others. The problems come when the measure of status is misaligned with what it is supposedly measuring. For example, the kind of car one drives does not indicate what sort of person drives it. Nor does the size of a house indicate whether the owners are good neighbors, or the degree to which they are helpful in their community. To help this column feel a little more like a business column, I'll throw in this bullet list. Three things about status, measurement an...