Calculate ‘paybacks’ before buying furnace

First, consider home's energy efficiency

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Cold weather's upon us again, and you may be looking at changing or upgrading your old heating system to better deal with winter's chill. But what type of furnace should you get? There's actually quite a bit that will go into making that all important decision, and here are some things worth considering. Understanding paybacks Throughout the process of selecting a new heating system, and even when considering energy upgrades as discussed below, you'll be faced with the concept of "paybacks." It's an important thing to understand, especially if you're feeling pressured by a salesperson to choose a particular product. Let's say you currently pay an average of $200 a month to heat your home for an average of seven months of the year, or $1,400 per year. Now let's say that a new, high-efficiency furnace, along with some upgraded insulation, will heat your home for $90 a month, or $630 a year.That's a savings of $770 annually. If the new furnace and insulation cost $...