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Don’t leave real estate website data in the wrong hands

Web developer's deletion of Google Analytics info is wake-up call

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The other day I got one of those automatically generated emails that Web services send out. This one was from Google Analytics, and it was related to a profile attached to one of my new clients. The account had just been deleted by one of the other administrators.After a short bit of research I discovered that the administrator who deleted the account did not work for the client -- the administrator was the client's Web developer.I contacted the Web developer to see what was up. It turns out it was a mistake. You see, for the standard package of Google Analytics there is a limit to the number of profiles you can have.The Web developer needed more profiles and my client's profile wasn't an active one. The Web developer didn't realize that by deleting the profile it would effectively erase the analytics data -- it was a mistake.The result: All of the data about Web traffic to the client's site is lost: which keywords drove people to the site, which ad campaigns worked, which times of yea...