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Short sales set to explode in 2012

Lenders actively marketing short sales to homeowners facing foreclosure

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The opportunity to make a good living in bad times is staring real estate agents right in the face. Forget the horror stories. Lenders have systems in place, and agents have the right training and certification opportunities in place. Short sales are about to shift into prairie-fire mode as lenders prepare for yet another record year of pending foreclosures. Lenders are hoping to approve short sales on many of those properties, saving them the cost of repossessing them.According to a spokesperson, Bank of America is bringing aboard an additional 3,000 customer service representatives to handle the anticipated surge in demand. A Chase spokesman said that company is already prepared for the deluge. For those working in real estate, start the new year with a new attitude and new commitment to move into a niche that might be a little uncomfortable at first. There is plenty of help available, starting with the short-sale teams in your own office. Horror stories are being replaced ...