Master basic home repairs

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Q: I'm a new condo owner. I'm not handy at all, but I figured I'd better learn some of the basics or get ready to shell out the bucks for a contractor to do what I should do myself.I've got two questions for you guys:How do I learn the basics of home repair?What tools should I buy? A: Congratulations. We applaud your desire to do the work yourself. There's a lot you can do to save time and aggravation, not to mention money, by not hiring work out. To start your education we suggest that you do two things. First, read. Go to the library and borrow some books on basic construction. Flip through them and focus on what strikes your fancy. Don't forget magazines. Especially check out Fine Homebuilding magazine. Although advanced, it's a good place to get tips on some basic skills. Second, watch television. We've said many times that we cut our building teeth watching "This Old House." We learned a ton about carpentry from Norm Abrams and Tom Silva, plumbing from Rich...