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How the share button can make or break your real estate business

Tips for social media success

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Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series. Read Part 2: "Using humor, urgency to generate real estate leads." Have you ever noticed the one thing that virtually every social media platform on the planet has in common? It's the share button. Sharing is the foundation upon which social networking is based, as well as the key to building a successful real estate business. At Real Estate Connect, Brian Brett, The New York Times' managing director of customer research, presented his findings on the psychology of sharing. His insights provide important clues for how to build your business using social media. Brett began his talk by outlining five key reasons that people share. Three of these reasons provide a template for how the real estate business has been conducted offline for decades. In the past, the goal was to spread your marketing messages as widely as possible via print and other broadcast media. The more people you reached, the greater your rate...