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Your digital presence: Are you an owner or a renter?

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No, I'm not talking about housing. I know all sorts of things about all sorts of things, but housing isn't one of them. I'm talking about your digital "presence." That's right -- this column is about whether you're really owning it or whether you're renting it. Digital presence For years, the phrase "Web presence" has been a fancy way of saying, "Your website, bozo." It sounds so much better, so much more important. Also, it's way easier to charge a lot of money crafting a Web presence than it is to build a website. But sooner or later, the realization hits that to have a "presence" you have to be present. Digital is so rarely a set-it-and-forget-it medium. It's changing all the time -- not just in terms of products and networks, but in terms of raw capabilities: the people using the stuff and what they're doing with it. The rise of digital social networking and the media sites that use social networks to distribute content have r...