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Real estate and the Grammys: It’s not the dress — it’s how you wear it

Letters from the Home Front

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Two rather shocking things happened this past week. First, my daughter wore a $20 dress to the Grammys. Big deal, you say? Then you are a man. Because if you are of the female persuasion, you recognize this for what it is: a crime against humanity. And when I say "humanity," I mean both human beings and Lady Gaga. If that wasn't enough, my husband, not to be outdone, spent the better part of his week successfully talking a single client out of not only buying a new home, but out of selling a second, investment property. It was magical! Now you see several mortgage payments -- now you don't. Both, it turns out, did the right thing. We'll start with my youngest daughter. She is frugal, and I don't mean frugal as in "responsible." I mean Depression-era, "I don't need new shoes; that's what staplers are for" cheap. So when she announced that her years of training as a seat filler for lesser award shows had finally landed her in the big time, I lai...