5 online real estate resources

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Because of the inherently brick-and-mortar nature of real estate, real estate-related decisions often start with online information but end up being very manual and offline. Real estate matters can get more physical than most other major decisions we make in this digital and information-centric era: driving around town physically visiting open houses; signing papers with your signature and your fingerprint (!) in what insiders call "wet ink"; and even knocking down some walls or painting others. But there are a number of online resources that are often given short shrift in terms of their power to help buyers and sellers realize their vision of home. Here are five digital resources I think are underutilized by real estate decision-makers: 1. goals tracker. With 7 million users, it would be nuts for me to suggest that Mint itself is overlooked. Mint is an uber-popular Web app that consolidates all your financial accounts into one place and spits out prett...