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Be social: Fight audience fatigue on Facebook

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The media isn't the message. A friend of mine who uses Facebook strictly as a way to connect with his friends recently posted a brief rant on his wall about people he barely knew in the real world sending him friend requests. He thought they were fake and had a few a harsh words for them. My friend is just a normal guy, with a normal day job doing normal stuff. He isn't a social media guru or anything like that. Computers aren't even the main focus of his work. For regular people, the most useful aspect of social media is the social part, not the media part. Publishers and businesspeople often feel that the useful aspect is the media part. Amplifying this is that most publishers and businesspeople have a much greater familiarity with media models than with social models. The end result can be a mismatch between regular people and businesses in the social sphere. This doesn't have to manifest as any of the social media horror stories that circulate now and then. It can be ...