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Photos aren’t yours for the taking

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I can't help but wonder how the property photos that real estate agents take are going to look on the newest version of the iPad. The technology we use to view pictures on the Internet gets better all the time, and so does the technology that we use to take them.Monitors have improved and so have the screens on our mobile devices. The only thing that has not improved are the property photos used to market real estate on the Internet.Maybe brokers need to get out there and protect their brands by demanding better photographs. I can't see that happening, but theoretically it is possible.When I started as an agent we could put only six digital images in our multiple listing service (MLS). Now we can put in 20 photos. Most of the real estate websites allow for at least 10 photos. For some agents that means 10 or more really crappy photographs. Some or all of those photos may be stolen.Some agents understand the importance of images for marketing. But instead of taking them all themselves ...