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When paying for traffic, measure the results

Market size, seasonal effects can influence vendor performance

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In one of the support forums I monitor, an agent asked this simple question: "How long should I try out a vendor for sending traffic to my site if I'm getting absolutely no traffic? It isn't a pay-per-click arrangement, it's a monthly fee."Simple question, right? Of course, the answer on this isn't entirely simple. There are several things to consider when evaluating this sort of traffic generation arrangement. I'll give the standard consultant's answer: It depends.It depends on seasonalityIn many markets there are definite seasons for house hunting. The online activities associated with house hunting start before the time of year when people are calling up or emailing looking for a real estate professional.The person who asked the question in the forum lived in one of those markets where there are seasonal effects. She had been testing her vendor during offseason months for house hunting in her region. If there isn't a lot of activity around house hunting in the offseason, t...