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Don’t underestimate the value of an editor

Ask someone you trust to review what you publish

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As the Internet has risen to prominence in society so has the creation of content. Content. The words, images, videos and all of these other cultural objects that serve to transmit ideas from one human brain to another. The digital systems for distributing content have become so efficient that entire industries have been brought to their knees -- running to Congress for special protections or simply slowly fading away. Twenty years ago the idea that every employee of an organization might be capable of creating and distributing ideas to thousands of customers in the course of a day seemed crazy. Some might argue that today, when it is possible for any employee to distribute ideas to thousands of customers at the touch of a nonexistent button on a touch-screen phone, it is indeed crazy. Today, everyone is a publisher. We publish for friends. We publish for the public. We publish for our industries. While publishers in the past primarily focused on publishing for profit (poetry journals...