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Android’s a viable option for real estate pros

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Realtors are supposed to have iPhones, but there are more than a few who use phones with the Android operating systems. Why would anyone use an Android when they can have an iPhone? I am not sure how to answer that, but devices that run on the Android operating system have a bigger share of the smartphone market than iPhones do. Android phones are a little different, but they offer touch screens and cameras and operate on 3G and 4G networks. 4G beats 3G on any mobile platform. If there is no 4G where you live, move. Unlike the iPhone, which has basically one model unless you count last year's model, there are many different smartphones that run on the Android OS -- which means more choices, options, prices and flexibility. Some have full QWERTY keyboards and all have removable batteries, which means I can charge up a spare and take it with me for those days when I may not have the option of stopping to charge. There are a variety of colors and screen sizes too. The biggest disadvantag...