How to shape circumstances to your advantage

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Book Review Title: "Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World" Author: Sam Sommers Publisher: Riverhead Books, 2012; 304 pages; $14.91 at Do you consider yourself a rugged individualist, like John Wayne or Ayn Rand? Well, get over yourself. In his new book, "Situations Matter," Tufts University professor Sam Sommers makes a very strong argument that our personalities aren't nearly as stable or as strong as we think, and that the people, places and things that make up the context -- the situations -- we're engrossed in exert much more powerful influences on our choices, our relationships and our behavior than you might think. In "Situations Matter," Sommers drills down into what he calls the "robust power of situations" with the declared aim of making you, if not a better person, certainly a more effective one, especially if you work in "people" fields, like sales, marketing and manag...