How the real neighborhood experts market themselves

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

One of the common things I hear from clients and from speakers at every real estate conference is that agents and brokers need to be the experts about their neighborhoods. The idea makes sense, of course, that someone who really knows a place can help find or market property in that place. But the result of everyone pursuing that tactic is that everyone is the No. 1 expert in town. And that, of course, causes more confusion. And what does No. 1 expert really mean anyway? Or any of the other credentials? Let's look at how some real neighborhood experts are marketing themselves online in an industry that isn't real estate. Vayable is a website that promotes unique things to do on a vacation. Most of these things are tours, like walking around a specific neighborhood and doing fun and interesting things. Sound familiar? Most of the tour guides that are on Vayable have other jobs, and they use the site simply to share their love of place and topic and perhaps make some money ...