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Why consumers don’t trust us

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Sometimes when I tell people what I do for a living they make a face that is more of a grimace. I think it is involuntary -- at least I hope it is. Consumers don't always trust us or like us and they don't understand us. We use little deceptions in our advertising and rely on real estate mythology to bring in some or our business. Recently some young first-time homebuyers they told me that picking an agent is scary. "Scary" is their word, not mine. They had started their home search on the Internet and then began calling the numbers they found on for-sale-signs around town. They told me about the agent pictured on the for-sale flier next to the dogs and some other characters they came across. They were leery of the guy in the baseball hat too.The buyers told a friend about the house they wanted to see, and that friend sent them to me. They lurked on my blog for a few weeks before they worked up the courage to contact me. One of the benefits of blogging is that ...