4 traits of unhappy homeowners

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As the parent of a newly-minted adult, I can reflect on how much of my advice thus far has been delivered in the negative. "Son," I've said, time and time again, "I've been there and I've done that and here's what NOT to do." I suspect this might be a theme of any great advice in any realm of life: it's critical to know from those who have gone before what you should do, and just as critical -- sometimes more so -- to know what not to do. In the interest of ensuring that the advice I gave last week on how to be a happy homeowner is comprehensive, then, it behooves me to share some insights on how to be an unhappy one -- in the hopes it will help you avoid this fate. 1. Move a lot. Moving house is stressful, in and of itself. Mention the prospect of moving to any cocktail party crowd, and you'll undoubtedly hear a chorus of moans and groans of "I hate to move!" Studies actually rank moving right up there with getting a divorce or...