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Never lose that ‘beginner’s mindset’

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There's a common characteristic I have observed among Realtors for the last 30 years I've been in the business. The thinking is, "Unless you've done my job, you can't possibly know how to help me with my business." About a year ago, I had a spirited discussion with Chris Smith, the "chief evangelist" for Inman News. It had to do with baby boomers (me) commenting on Gen X and Gen Y in terms of how they approach the real estate transaction, and also what's needed for them to succeed as Realtors. Chris's position was, "You're not part of this generation, so how can you comment on it?" I shot back, "You have never sold a piece of real estate, so how can you advise agents about what to do in their businesses?" Both points of view are misguided. An agent can be an expert negotiator but may have no idea about how to increase his or her business using the social media. While the agent could turn to another agent for advice, an even better m...