Facebook has replaced happy hour

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

This week I've had the pleasure of vacationing in my old hometown. It's rather nice browsing around downtown without thinking I might be missed at work, taking the family to the museum in the middle of "open house" hours, and running into old friends and colleagues. The experience of seeing familiar faces brought on a fun social experiment -- one I think any working Realtor can undertake -- and a conclusion about Facebook. My conclusion: If you use Facebook, it has changed the way you communicate, regardless of career. If you are a real estate broker and you use Facebook, the program has literally changed the way you TALK. I know, I know -- the last time I brought up Facebook, I was crucified for my archaic ideas about identity protection and social versus business usage. So here I go again. As a Realtor, you might have been trained to wear your nametag everywhere you go in order to start conversations about real estate. The basic idea being that if the checker in l...