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You’re not the only needle in the online haystack

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The threat to search isn't social. It isn't social because search and social involve two different use cases; they are two different ways of using the Internet. Search is used by people who want to find something and know enough about it to be able to type something into the search box. They're focused on a task and have a specific intent. They aren't simply using a search engine because they enjoy it. Social is used by people for all sorts of things, but when it's to find something they're typically simply asking friends. Or browsing along trying to figure out what to type into a search engine later. Or they've already made a decision and are specifically following a brand or other information source. Search and social co-exist for the most part. Yes, they influence each other, but neither is a true threat to the other type of use case. The ability to search for things doesn't negate our need to be social. The ability to be social doesn't negate our need to do things. Well, except for...