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Apple keeps mobile landscape in flux

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Apple's World Wide Developer Conference keynote on Monday revealed some interesting new stuff. Much of it will define the features of the growing and changing mobile computing landscape. Let's look at a few of the announcements through the real estate lens. Apple Maps One of the large stories of the next iOS from Apple is booting Google out of the prime seat for maps. The new iOS will ship with Apple's own mapping application, which is built on map data from TomTom plus some other features from other sources such as Getchee, DMTI, Localeze, MapData Sciences, Urban Mapping and Waze. This shift in approach to source data for maps should be reflected in marketing plans dealing with search engine optimization, location-based paid advertising and locative media. Apple's "walled garden" approach may make adjusting to the new map landscape a little more opaque than most marketers would like. Now would be a good time to examine what sort of traction you get from current location an...