5 rules for home improvement safety

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Kevin had a doctor's appointment last week. He's been a patient of Rodde Cox since 2005, so they know each other pretty well. Usually, the medical stuff is dispatched fairly quickly, and then the discussion gets into some friendly banter. The appointment is usually the last one of the day, so after the medical treatment, the time is spent "swatting flies and telling lies." This time, Dr. Cox asked if we're still writing our Sweat Equity column. When Kevin said "yes," the conversation veered off into dumb things we'd done with tools. We always preach safety first, but we don't always practice what we preach. We're passing along some tips to avoid doing the dumb things we've done, in hopes that the lessons we learned will save our readers a trip to the emergency room. 1. Use a push block to control wood when near the saw blade or router bit. Dr. Cox is an avid woodworker. He was working with a router mounted in a table when he tried to push a piece past t...