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Find the ‘why’ and they will buy

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Today I issue a wake-up call to real estate agents everywhere: Stop worrying about reaching specific market segments. You don't need to know about Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, or the up-and-comers or the down-and-goners. You want to label your prospects? I have the only three you need: ready, willing and able. Your problem is not the number of prospects you are working with. Many of you have more than you can handle now. Find the "why" and they will tend to buy. I write this to those of you in the resale market because you have a wider choice, and you have only one task: Show your buyer a home they can picture themselves living in. Don't get caught up in the marketing label of the day. Leave that to the new-home industry and hawkers of retail products. How would you label this hypothetical couple: They will not buy a home, new or resale, that does not have a place for their roll-top desk and an upright piano. Can you guess at their age or station in ...