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I’m busy, but it’s not like the boom

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It's been hard these past few months to write my column -- or even keep up with the real estate news -- because I've been so busy working with buyers and sellers and selling real estate. Selling real estate probably isn't as glamorous as writing about how to sell real estate, but someone has to do it. Right now business is good in many markets, especially as compared to last year.This year is so different from last year or the year before, and I know other agents are feeling it too. I work in a market where there is a shortage of homes to sell. Some homeowners would love to sell but owe more on their homes than they are worth so they are keeping them off the market. Buyers are looking for bargains. It feels like they have gotten more patient. They are willing to wait for the right house, and they are determined not to pay too much.Last week I spent hours going through lists of homes that my buyers found and were interested in looking at, only to find that they already have offers on th...