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5 ways to live in music

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Editor's note: The following item is republished with permission of See the original article: Tune In to the Music of Architecture. By BUD DIETRICHIt's a truism that architecture is, as Goethe so famously noted, "frozen music." Just as in music, architecture has rhythm, beat, cadence, tone, style, etc. And just as in music, architecture can be experienced slowly, quickly, forcibly, gently, sweetly, etc. So it shouldn't be a surprise that some of the greatest architects were accomplished musicians. For example, Frank Lloyd Wright was a proficient pianist, having learned the instrument at a very early age. So let's see how some musical terms and their meanings relate, and can be applied, to architectural design. Adagio In music, "adagio" means "to play slowly, to be at ease." Architectural spaces can also be "played" slowly and at ease. These are spaces to linger in, to enjoy like time didn't exist. Soft colors ...