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10 secrets to pulling off a working vacation

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I have a hard time taking vacations during the real estate sales season in the spring and summer. There are just a few short months where I have the opportunity to make two thirds of my income for the year. Every year I am either forced to take a vacation during the busy season or relatives come in town with little advance warning and expect me to make time for them. Vacations or time off during the busy season can be a huge stressor and usually results in lost business. My family isn't going to take no for an answer, so I have learned how to vacation and minimize the income loss by working at the same time. The trick is to be responsive to clients while at the same time acting like it is a vacation.Technology makes it easier to vacation, but we can't always count on having Internet access while in the wilderness. There are vacation spots where there are no cell phone towers, which is an adventure. Personally I think those places are a little like heaven -- except in June, when they a...