Traditional metrics don’t capture the value of social media

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Marketing online has, in many respects, been a battleground between two different camps of marketing strategy: branding and direct. One camp brings years of cognitive science, psychology, and the language and imagery of narrative to the battleground. The other brings statistics, algorithmic math, and the language and imagery of systems. In between is almost every combination of those things you can imagine. In a practical sense, direct marketing tends to focus on very clear metrics that obviously relate to the bottom line. The branding camp also has metrics, but their connection to the bottom line is seemingly more tenuous. Direct marketing online talks about return on investment. It talks about funnels. It talks about attrition rates, optimization and conversion tools. Branding talks about mindshare. It talks about customer decision journey. It talks about growing an audience, embedding and loyalty. The reason that both exist and proponents of these strategies continue to make snide ...