Little apps can simplify your life

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For the past year or so I've noticed something about my computer use: I'm slowly replacing the core software and features that get used day in, day out. It all started with Dropbox. One of the core features of a computer is that it stores stuff. Spreadsheets, word processing documents, code and so on are all kept somewhere on the computer. On the hard drive. It's such a core feature of a computer that the size of the hard drive is one of those things that gets promoted. One of those "size matters" situations. One of the hassles, though, is that the bigger the hard drive, the more I seem to scatter stuff all over. Sure, it's mostly in a folder labeled, "Documents." And yes, it's all backed up about six ways from Sunday. But there's that pile of random stuff on the desktop -- what I like to think of as the remains of frenzied creative activity. And there's the pile of items on my RAID array. It isn't in one place. File storage is further complicated by the fact that ...