Buyers need your help to close on short sales, REOs

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

There might be more information than ever before available to consumers on the Internet, but it won't replace real estate agents anytime soon. More has been added to our role. Sometimes it feels like we are becoming a source for free labor for banks and government agencies who will not allow buyers or sellers to represent themselves. Sometimes, they make information about special programs available only to real estate agents.Between Neighborhood Stabilization Program homes, traditional foreclosures and Fannie Mae foreclosures called "HomePath" homes, the homebuying process has changed. When a government agency is the seller, they sometimes use a committee to determine if the buyer is qualified to buy the home.  There are processes and there is paperwork, and sometimes representing one buyer or short-sale seller can feel like a full-time job.The paperwork can be complicated and the instructions are not always clear. There are agents who are avoiding showing certain homes to ...