Why shelves make better storage than cabinets

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Editor's note: This is the second in a two-part series. Read Part 1. Last time we talked about how, despite all the fancy cabinets you find in new houses these days, most people still end up storing things in the garage. The reason: While cabinets may look pretty, they're really not very practical for storing all the oddball stuff that we Americans tend to accumulate. As anyone who has open shelving in their garage can attest, it's much easier to store and find things on shelves than in closed cabinets. There's a lot less frenzied door-flinging and "now where did I put that thing?" going on. The stuff you want is either right there in front of your face or it isn't. This is why your local grocer puts his stock on shelves and not behind doors. Shelves are also better at accommodating various and odd-sized items, since they're not interrupted by a lot of vertical dividers the way closed cabinets are. Hence, there's less bother figuring out how to make things fit ...