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7 proven steps to grow your business on Twitter

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If you own a dog and plan to buy, sell or lease a home anywhere near Charlotte, N.C. you are probably already working with or will soon be referred to Josie Mazzaferro, a second year Realtor for Allen Tate Realtors -- especially if you tweet. This year, Mazzaferro has already closed or booked $3 million in sales, of which $1.5 million is attributed to her Twitter activity, according to Katrina Richards, broker in charge. "There is no quit in Josie," Richards said. It took six months to produce her first results, and it was a phone call for rental, but it produced encouragement income. She was on her way. "This year it has exploded. You have to trust the process." Mazzaferro said. At first Mazzaferro blocked time for "social media marketing" on her calendar. Today she does not have to do that because she spends 15 hours a week responding to referrals and relationship building tweets. Can you imagine spending 15 hours a week developing your farm? That is ex...