Understanding the language of numbers

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In a 1918 edition of the New Republic, a music critic lamented: "Strictly considered, writing about music is as illogical as singing about economics." As true as the statement is it did not, of course, result in the end of music criticism. When examining the health of digital marketing effort or even a business itself, we'll hopefully turn our gaze to analytics and numbers. Measuring things is good and gives a different perspective that sometimes is missing from our more narrative natural language. The challenge, of course, is that in discussing performance as collection of numbers and metrics we are, by nature, abstracting and translating from the real meaning of number into the narrative forms required for decision-making and inspired action. Let's examine some definitions of words and phrases about numbers and analytics. That way, when we're talking about numbers we can increase, and not disperse, our understanding. General analytics terms: Metric: Something that can be m...