Brokers: Think twice before blaming agents

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Brokers sometimes wonder why their agents won't come to weekly office meetings -- if they come to the office at all -- or don't take advantage of the technology training that brokers offer.If brokers stopped to consider their agents' point of view, they might realize that the answers to these questions are staring them in the face.  Here's a list of gripes you often hear from brokers, and some agent perspective on each. 1. My agents are not committed. They won't take the time to come to the weekly office meeting. Have you ever worked on a 100 percent commission basis? Most agents spend their time looking for clients and selling real estate if they have listings and buyers. Will attending the office meeting help them make money? Is it a worthwhile event or just a boring monologue and a reminder to replace the paper in the copy machine? Do you even know how to run a meeting? If the meeting helps the agents in some way, they will come. Or is it just another uninspired office meeting, be...