3 truths about our power to change our behavior

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Book Review Title: "Mind Over Mind: The Surprising Power of Expectations" Author: Chris Berdik Publisher: Current, 2012; 288 pages; $26.95 For hundreds of years, the intersections of our visions and our realities, our beliefs for the future and what actually comes to pass, the things we say and our state of affairs have long fascinated theorists and researchers in a strange mix and wide range of fields, from medicine to religion to sports performance. Neuropsychologists now know that our brains fill in the blanks of our senses to create our perceptions. But the power of our expectations to craft our reality has tended, through the generations, to be perceived with skepticism, distrust and the imprimatur of gullibility at best and occult or demonic influence at worst. Journalist Chris Berdik, in his new book, "Mind Over Mind: The Surprising Power of Expectations," surfaces the history, science and anecdotes around the power of imagination, expectati...