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Tech tools take time, training and testing

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By JAY THOMPSONI own a (very) cheap set of golf clubs. When I pull the driver out of the bag, and shank one deep into the trees, my typical reaction is to pound the driver into the tee box and loudly proclaim, "Stupid clubs! I need a better driver!" I own a (relatively) cheap acoustic guitar. With just three chords, I can "play" a basic blues progression -- and theoretically pound out virtually any blues song. Yet when I put these three chords together in their proper order, I sound nothing even remotely close to Stevie Ray Vaughn or B.B. King. "Stupid guitar! If I only had a 1960 cherry sunburst Les Paul I would sound AMAZING." Vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar image via Shutterstock. Yeah, not so much. You see, golf clubs and guitars are simply tools. Props, if you will, to enable one to play the game, or make music. In the hands of Phil Mickelson, my cheap golf clubs would send drives into the stratosphere and straight down t...