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Touch me, feel me?

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By MARC DAVISONYou obsess on product, tweaking it to perfection. You slave over your service, honing it to deliver a razor-sharp slice of delight.  You market your goods, crafting the most inviting offer. You think you've nailed the customer experience. Not so fast, Timmy. No nutritional value Jeff Smisek, United Airlines' CEO, spoke at me from the screen. He labored on about the improvements his airline is undertaking just for me. It was all talk.  Gate 16 had one electrical outlet -- a droplet for the dozens of thirsty travelers in need of juice. Boarding was painfully slow. The cabin reeked of locker room sweat and mildew. The onboard service ran out of real food by the time they reached my row. I was offered Pringles. I passed. They had the same nutritional value as the scuzz caked onto my seat. The week prior I was on a Virgin flight. It was heaven. This week, I was in hell.  Virgin created heaven by attending to the simple things. Things they know turn us on. Things ...