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Republicans put fiscal cliff back in Obama’s court

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In a nation still blinking to post-election wakefulness, stick with domestic economics. Europe, the Middle East, China and Japan all have their stuff simmering near boil. But here matters most here. Fiscal cliff, then housing credit. The strange presidential election was a double rope-a-dope. Mitt Romney assumed that no president would be re-elected in an economy as poor as this. President Obama assumed that a Wall Street fat cat deaf to the people would be unelectable in the Bubble aftermath. Roger that. Ten four. Thus neither ran on anything new or noteworthy, but the Republicans absolutely got the message. They were lucky to hold the House, and must reformulate their whole painted-in-corner concept. Romney is deaf, but not the Republican leadership in Congress. These are tough, smart hombres; not attractive to mainstream civilians, but above all else they are survivors. A new rope-a-dope began instantly after the election. House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Mi...