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7 ways to maximize your Facebook marketing

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Of all the social media sites, Facebook continues to be the dominant player in the social media space for real estate. The question is what steps can you take to maximize your Facebook results for your business? Many agents continue to post open houses and discuss their listings on their Facebook profile page. This is a violation of the Facebook terms of use. If you can't market on your Facebook profile page, how can you use Facebook to attract more clients to your business? Here are seven proven strategies. 1. Understand the Facebook mindset The first step in succeeding with any social media site is to understand the mindset of the people who use that site. While your friends may be interested in seeing pictures of your new kitten, they are not interested in hearing about every single listing you take. This goes for your clients as well. Focusing on what is meaningful to your friends (rather than on what is meaningful to your business) is the foundation for Facebook su...