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Dollar’s decline may boost real estate

Commentary: Fate of the business depends more on Capitol Hill than Silicon Valley

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Whether you are thrilled and overjoyed at the results -- or wearing sackcloth and rending your hair -- the results of this month's elections were, shall we say, sobering for the Republican party. Not only did President Obama win re-election, but the Democrats strengthened their hold on the Senate, in a political environment that nearly everybody thought was disadvantageous to Democrats. An election that most talking heads thought would be razor-thin turned out to be as close a contest as Oregon vs. USC. Since you're reading this on Inman, your primary concern is what the election portends for real estate. Fortunately for us, Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, fielded some great questions on this very topic from NAR's director of digital engagement, Nobu Hata. Unfortunately for us, Dr. Yun's answers seem somewhat contradictory and therefore require further bloviatings from op/ed columnists such as yours truly. Words of wisdom First, Yun states ...