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Stolen mobile device shouldn’t be a gateway to sensitive data

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I had my purse stolen a couple of weeks ago, and my iPad was in it. I was able to cancel all but one of the credit cards before the thieves used them. My business credit card was used for a shopping spree, but it looks like those charges have already been removed from my account -- probably because I reported the theft very quickly and filed a police report. Going forward I doubt if I will be carrying as much plastic in my wallet on a regular basis, and I think I'll leave the iPad at home unless I am sure I am going to need it. Having the iPad taken was, and is, a nightmare. It has the "find my phone" tracking software on it, but the device isn't showing up on the map. Maybe the people who took it just dumped it, or haven't connected to the Internet yet. Or maybe they know enough to reset it before connecting it to the Internet. Once it was out of my hands, I started thinking about all of the services my iPad is connected to. The first thing I did was change the password...