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Realtors fed up with looky-loo’s demands

Elderly woman accused of cadging meals, groceries and rides

An elderly woman who knows "all the real estate lingo" and dresses like an affluent would-be buyer has allegedly talked Realtors in the San Francisco Bay Area out of meals, groceries, rides and a $1,300 Louis Vuitton purse."Realtors are like a taxi service to her," Realtor Thomas Nguyen told NBC Bay Area, inviting the TV station to follow along as he drove a woman "you might easily mistake for a sweet Chinese grandmother," to the dentist, a restaurant and a grocery store.Nguyen and other Realtors say the woman is adept at cajoling favors from them by telling them she’s an investor from Taiwan, and wants to hire them to help her buy and sell property, showing paperwork that supposedly demonstrates she owns buildings worth almost $3 million and has another $4 million in the bank. But the deals never materialize, and one Realtor has sent emails to colleagues and letters to the San Francisco District Attorney's office to alert them of the woman's practices, ...