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‘Mobile everything’ is not a marketing strategy

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The trend, as we are told through many news articles, blog posts and breathless talking heads, is toward mobile. More mobile devices being used. More visits to content on mobile devices. More time spent with mobile devices. More purchases being made from mobile devices. Mobile everything. It's deafening. But short of putting in ear plugs, how do we get from the deafening noise of "mobile everything" and translate that into business and marketing strategy? And how do we put this stuff into practice? How do we get from saying, "Oh yeah, 2012. Year of mobile. No doubt about it." To: "I feel confident in what I'm doing in mobile and it is working for me and my team." Focus resources There are limited resources and then there are truly limited resources. Most marketers, when thinking of limited resources might start with budget or staffing. For real estate agents who are often their own budget and their own staff this is doubly so. But there are some resource...