Hand-delivered rent creating tension

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Q: I own a house that I am currently renting to a tenant on a one-year lease. But over the months things have been getting very uncomfortable for me, and I would appreciate your advice. With my prior tenants, I always received the rent check by mail without any problems. I allow my tenants a three-day grace period before I charge a $50 late fee, as I know it can take some time with the mail system. I will even look at the postmark and not charge them if they deposited the envelope in a mailbox on or before the third of the month. With this latest tenant, everything was fine until she began to have trouble paying the rent on time. Even though the envelope was postmarked on the sixth and I didn't receive the rent until the 10th, I waived the late fee as a one-time courtesy. But I did tell her that I had to have the check on time or I would charge the late fee in the future. She got very angry and insisted that the Postal Service made a mistake and failed to pick up the mai...