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More than one strategy = mess

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What you're doing isn't a strategy. If you have more than one strategy, then you don't have any strategy. If you have a social media strategy, a search strategy, a backlink strategy, an email strategy, a content strategy, a mobile strategy and a video strategy, then you don't have a strategy. You have a big mess. And you know it. Well, OK, not you specifically, gentle reader. I mean the people who have all those things but aren't reading this column. Those other people don't have a strategy. Let's talk about why those other people don't have a strategy for a bit, lest we ourselves fall prey to their folly. Focus Most organizations can, at best, implement a single strategy at a time. The reason for this is simple: In the managing of the myriad things that need to be done in the course of a day, cross-checking everything against multiple strategies creates a significant amount of overhead. If there are several people out there doing stuff to achieve business goals for you and they are c...