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Prospecting is dead — long live ‘target networking!’

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In my last column, I proposed that old-school prospecting (cold calling and walking neighborhoods) is dead. DOA. Not to be done ever, ever again. Many wanted to know if any kind of prospecting works in today's online world. I say, yes, when done right. Call it prospecting if you like, but a more appropriate term would be target networking. Some in the new media generation have coined "pull marketing" to describe these activities, too. But there's nothing new about these activities, whatsoever. Here's the gist: Get in front of your warm list and ask for business. Voila! It's simple, effective, and inexpensive -- a perfect complement to any advertising campaign. Let me say that more clearly: Target networking does not replace advertising. It complements it. 1. Call people you know This does NOT mean cracking off calls to everyone connected to you on LinkedIn. If you wouldn't wave at them in the supermarket, don't bother calling them on the phone. Networking shouldn't be ins...