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Taking it to the streets — more on mobile

The Breakaway Brokerage: Part 5

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The first part of this post covered the strategic opportunities for brokers to reach out to mobile users. We talked about the types of mobile users, where they sit in the funnel, and gave some broad ideas for how and where to engage them. This week, I want to get more tactical and offer tangible ways to focus your mobile efforts in three main areas: the mobile Web, native applications and mobile marketing. Mobile Web Every broker should be optimizing their site for mobile browsers. After a few years spent monitoring analytics accounts for major brokerages around the country, one thing is clear: Mobile Web traffic -- those visitors coming to broker websites from smartphone or tablet devices -- has steadily marched upwards. I suspect your numbers are no different. Scratching below the surface, what's also interesting is where that traffic is heading. Here's a hint: It's probably not your home page. This makes sense when you think about ... Say a husband or wife is searchin...