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How do you define success?

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I have been searching for the definition of a successful real estate agent. I have asked real estate agents and brokers from around the country, clients, neighbors, and industry experts. One real estate agent I consider successful because he has sold so many homes told me that he defines success as the ability to support his family the way he wants to. Some agents have business practices like being paperless, blogging, using video, or having a Facebook page with a huge following. We point to them as role models, and hold up what they do as examples of best practices, even though some of them don't sell many houses. Other agents sell a lot of houses, but don't have much of a presence on the Internet. It would be nice if we could assign some kind of a success number to agents. It would help consumers take the guesswork out of hiring an agent, and we could learn the best real estate business practices from the agents who are the most successful. We don't have a universal definition...