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Capture international buyers as they pursue their real estate fantasies

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By JANET CHOYNOWSKI I have a thing for property in France, but Italy is pretty interesting, too. Love those dusty old villas, chateaus. It is probably no coincidence that both places have great wine ... but I digress. The point here is that I am referring to countries, because I have only broad-brush knowledge of their geography. Just as I window-shop listings in Italy and France with little regard for the actual placement of regions and towns, international buyers are prone to that here, too. All of America can be more or less the same to them, at first. International prospects are searching from a different perspective. Since they may not have ties to any particular part of the country or in fact may not even have decided which of several countries they are most interested in, they are not searching for something that is near family or friends or convenient to work, the way local buyers might. They may simply be looking for the best property that fits their needs and b...