Agents not obligated to keep secrets when they don’t get the listing

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Can a real estate agent sell information she or he obtains during a listing presentation if the homeowner chooses to list with somebody else? If the seller has divulged confidential information about an upcoming divorce, personal financial crisis, or problems with the house, that information could be of value to a buyer or the buyer's agent. Does the agent who failed to land the listing owe any duties to the seller? What if the information is as straightforward as the fact that a homeowner plans to sell soon? If the neighborhood is red hot and buyers are clamoring to learn about the next new listing, could you sell that tidbit to a buyer's agent or a shopper? What about more specific details that could give a buyer a strategic advantage in negotiations? Say the sellers confided that they want to net a specific amount out of the sales transaction -- say $450,000 -- even though they're listing at $495,000. Would that inside advantage be worth something to the right person? How m...